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Sustainable is Attainable.

We partner with [Re] Waste for this amazing cannabis recycling & capturing program!

Many of our supply chain partners are part of sustainable initiatives (i.e. Sustainable Packaging Coalition - Child Resistant Pouches):

As environmental concerns rise and consumer demand speaks, a growing number of countries governmental and environmental agencies are demanding brands of consumer packaged goods to reduce their carbon and environmental imprint, especially the use of single use plastics and packaging with multiple materials that are difficult to recycle.  

Our cannabis industry must be held accountable, for every joint smoked, flower purchased, or edible consumed, 99% of the time, single-use plastic packaging is used.

HerbPax is committed to being a responsible packaging provider.

But being a responsible packaging provider is more than getting your precious products onto the retail shelves and fulfilling government regulations, it's about design innovation, understanding material options and improving manufacturing processes. We aren't here to make packaging just look sustainable, our solutions are based on knowledge and measurable results.

The optimal way to reduce our environmental packaging impact is to use less packaging... it's obvious, of course, but it's a critical part of our sustainable journey. But its only one part of our process...working with a global network of suppliers and manufacturers means we are on top of the latest technologies and materials. Combined with smart design, proven research and a collective responsibility to drive change, together we can make a difference.


Within the packaging world, overpacking is the largest waste. We can help you be more efficient.

Always remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We can help guide you on the best materials for your product packaging. Get in touch with us to discuss sustainability!  We have many testimonials from our clients in achieving success with recyclable packaging solutions. 

Some of our sustainable solutions: 

Flexible Packaging such as pouches, bags and stick packs (including recyclable sustainable flexible packaging)
Ocean Plastic
PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) Plastic
PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) Glass
Bio Resins


Using less packaging (reduce), more sustainable packaging materials (recycle) and higher quality packaging (reuse) are great positive steps, however a recycling capturing program is equally important to prevent plastic packaging to end up in our landfills or oceans. We work with effective recycling partners like [RE] Waste that captures plastic packaging at the cannabis retail level and convert them in order to reuse them into an actual product application, completely preventing them going into landfills and oceans. Ask us for more details!   



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