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Canada’s Cannabis Quality Crisis - Humidity packs help!

Canada’s Cannabis Quality Crisis

80% of Canadian cannabis is too dry. At least that’s what a consumer survey stated for Ontario. We can easily extend the conclusion to include the majority of flower production from coast to coast.

From the time cannabis is cured through packaging, distribution to retail and consumption-a significant amount of precious terpenes evaporate with the water that’s coming out of the trichomes. We’re talking 40-60% of available terpenes lost!

It’s a Cannabis Quality Crisis plaguing the regulated market. And this crisis is largely avoidable if producers protect their stored and packaged flower with precise 2-way humidity control.

Myths abound in the industry about the effectiveness of various humidity control packs in solving this massive problem.

Ask us about the science behind Boveda’s unique position in the industry as the original Terpene shield. And we’ll welcome all perspectives in solving the crisis together for the good of the cannabis community worldwide.



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