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Sustainable is Attainable: The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

The development of sustainable packaging in all packaging aspects has been adopted for quite some time now. There is increasingly more awareness on the importance of preserving the Earth which became a call to action for everyone. Many businesses became adopters of sustainable packaging and recyclable packaging, and HerbPax is no different. We know the impact of using non-recyclable and non-sustainable packaging on the environment and how we can reduce carbon footprint. HerbPax practices sustainability in our products by offering sustainable packaging, such as recyclable/sustainable jars, recyclable child resistant pouches.

Since many products have packaging that is either non-recyclable or is not made from sustainable material that can be easily recycled after its initial use, it has caused some harsh repercussions. For example, if certain product packaging is poorly recycled or not recycled at all or are, it can cause landfills to fill up faster than normal, more greenhouse gases to be released and harmful toxins from these products can get into our soil and groundwater. About 100,000 sea mammals die each year from plastic pollution. We can see the repercussions of using packaging that is non-recyclable and non-sustainable are harmful towards the environment but can be easily prevented by making packaging for products that are recyclable and sustainable towards the environment. 

So, how can packaging for pharmaceuticals and cannabis products become sustainable? Pharmaceuticals and cannabis products can become sustainable by having recyclable packaging for pharmaceutical and cannabis products. At HerbPax, we are actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint on earth by conceptualizing and producing regular recyclable and child safe recyclable pharmaceuticals and cannabis packaging. We hope by offering sustainable options for our customers, that it would help to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.


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