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How compliant & sustainable cannabis packaging can help your regulated New York cannabis brand & product launch

Why is there a need for cannabis packaging?

Cannabis packaging is vital to ensure that your regulated cannabis product is accurately labeled so consumers can access important information such as the brand, strain, THC and CBD content, dosage instructions, potential health risks or side effects, package date, expiration date etc.  Other key factors to consider with respect to packaging your product launch is it's impact on product quality, freshness, shelf life, preservation and brand differentiation, and automation while adhering to the regulations, and also being mindful of our industry's environmental footprint and impact.  

Cannabis packaging and regulations

Cannabis packaging is also required by regulatory authorities in legal jurisdictions to help regulate the cannabis industry to ensure that products are sold legally and safely. Compliance authorities in US states New York and New Jersey have recently released cannabis packaging requirements to which brand and products must adhere to. These new regulations around cannabis packaging include child-resistant packaging, labeling requirements, restrictions on certain types of packaging that may be attractive to children and even mandates sustainability and recyclability of packaging materials.

Child-resistant and sustainable cannabis packaging

Child-resistant cannabis packaging helps to prevent accidental ingestion of cannabis products by children. Cannabis products, including edibles, are sold in colorful packaging that may have attractive designs to appeal to children. Therefore, like most legal markets, child-resistant cannabis packaging is a strict legal requirement in states such as New York and New Jersey.  New York also mandates rules around sustainable packaging and recyclability.

For example, the highlights of the regulations announced New York State's Office of Cannabis Management are the following:

  • Cannabis packaging must meet standards such as Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) etc.
  • Packaging must be tested and certified as child-resistant, tamper-evident, and fully enclosed by approved third party labs.
  • Cannabis products packaging must be non-plastic, compostable, or recyclable materials or have a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled content (PCR) materials, if single use plastics are used.
  • All license applicants must submit an environmental sustainability program for cannabis product packaging with annual reporting including proposed reuse strategies for collecting reusable cannabis packaging components to be sanitized and refilled or reused as cannabis packaging
  • Labeling must avoid references to cannabis, such as "weed" or "pot."
  • Words or images appealing to those under 21 is prohibited.
  • Cannabis packaging must mention in bold about total mgs of THC per serving and package.
  • Cannabis packaging must not contain images or graphics other than the standard set by the office.

Are you are a licensed cultivator, manufacturer or processor in New York or New Jersey (large, medium, craft, micro, nano, or home) looking for compliant and sustainable stock or custom cannabis packaging solutions for flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, extracts, oils, topicals, or beverages?

Look no further.

  • HerbPax has proven experience working with licensed producers, processor and manufacturers of all sizes in Canada and the USA and our products, services and supply chain fully complies with the NY and NJ regulations and standards.
  • In addition to our key recyclable offerings such as aluminum and glass, our key plastic cannabis packaging solution is not 25% to meet compliance in NY, but is 43.5% post consumer recycled plastic material (PCR). That's the highest in the industry!
  • Our trusted industry partners in manufacturing, labelling, cannabis plastics recycling and capturing (RE:Waste, automation, and child resistant testing labs are primarily North American and European based in order to achieve the highest quality and compliance standards required for these legal markets.
  • Our expertise will minimize your risk of costly packaging recalls and delays in distribution to retail.
  • HerbPax will showcase your brand uniquely with high-quality digital prints, graphics, and colors.  Digital printing minimizes lead times for a quick to market solution that showcases your brand in the market uniquely and reduces environmental impact!
  • HerbPax also provides custom packaging solutions for cannabis product launches such as custom pouches, jars, and tubes.

HerbPax complies with the cannabis regulatory authorities in New York and New Jersey states with unique and innovative cannabis packaging solutions that are also sustainable for your preciously produced products, the regulators and the environment. 


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